• BBoy BBoy 4 Ever

    11"x17" ltd edition poster for SoulSiderz

  • Now What

    11"x17" ltd edition poster for SoulSiderz

  • NightTrain

    11"x17" ltd edition poster for SoulSiderz

  • Truck Jewls Cover Art

    Cover art for DJ Bazooka Joe's Anthology release.

  • StudioTime

    Album cover art. Kosmic Four

  • Monster Mixes

    Concept cover art.

  • Blue Chrome SDRZ

    SoulSiderz design

  • Tools of The Trade

    SoulSiderz design

  • Bomb Squad

    Local youth Basketball team Jersey logo.

  • Dion

    Pro Create

  • Stay Fitted

    Logo for StayFitted custom Head wear. Drawn in Pro Create

  • Grazie

    Pro Create


    SoulSiderz Icon men concept

  • OC Broccoli Character

    Character concept for OC Broccoli concentrates company. Branding and packaging.

  • Life Pondering, Earth Wandering

    From concept to final sticker. SoulSiderz sticker

  • Puff The Magic

    Puff Dragon for SoulSiderz

  • Mercado

    City Council Race 2017.

    Custom logo / branding

  • Truck Jewls

    Sticker for Dj Bazooka Joe.

  • EMJ Limited

    Logo / Branding for EMJ Music

  • EMJ Limited

    Logo / Branding

  • EMJ Limited

    Logo / Branding

  • Under The Influence

    Flyer for group show.

  • Ghouls Gone Graff

    Girls Gone Graff Halloween Jam

  • BodyRock 2009

    Girls Gone Graff - Flyer work.

  • SoulSiderz

    Hand style design for Stickers and Shirts.

  • The Dirty Birds

    Logo Design for Super Steve.

  • Vanguard

    Vanguard Music Logo -

    Album here