Born in Los Angeles in the mid 70’s to both Central and South American parents I was, by default, in a household filled with culture. My home was filled with music and imagery of Argentina and Costa Rica.

Also, being on the West Coast and so close to the Ocean I was able to experience Skate and Surf culture firsthand at an early age. This exposure to the Colorful & Dynamic illustrations of skate graphics in the 1980’s had a profound impact that I hold to this day.

In the mid 80’s I found Hip Hop and by 1989 began creating illustrations and paintings in the Art of Style Writing also known as Graffiti. As a member of some of Los Angeles’s most historic and deep routed crews I have been able to hone my skills with some of LA’s Graffiti masters.

My paintings today represent a classic and traditional dedication to Style Writing and letters as an art form. I pride myself with font abstraction allowing the letter form to present its own emotion as it can come to life and be prepared for combat. Its Future Funk, the fonts have soul.